January 31, 2020

An interesting article appeared in the national press this week. It appears that vets do not always give the best advice when it comes to the options available when a pet passes away.

Sun headline, Bid rip-off send-offs

The article claims that to ensure your pet gets the send-off they deserve and to avoid paying an inflated price for a basic service, you should avoid just going with the service your vet offers you.

They recommend you call or visit your local pet crematorium to see what services they offer — ideally well before any sad time comes.

As well as fees, it is important to specifically ask how your pet will be transported, handled, stored, cremated and identified throughout.

You should be aware, that apart from the APPCC members (which we are), cremation sites are not independently inspected so services can vary hugely.

We are always happy to talk and try our best to meet your wishes. We welcome visitors and are happy to explain our procedures.

Please remember we offer your pet a dignified, respectful and totally individual service which we hope will give you some comfort and peace of mind at this sad time.

You can read the full article from the link below: