Crazy Times …

September 22, 2020

Forget Bryson DeChambeau winning the US Open. There was only one golf event that mattered this month and we were delighted to sponsor The SkegVegas King Put Crazy Golf Tournament.

SkegVegas King Put Crazy Golf competition

This year’s event was one of the few championships to survive the Covid-19 outbreak and it was played at the Jolly Roger Adventure Golf course next to the world famous Skegness clock tower last week.

The original international field was decimated, with two players unable to make the date due to travel and quarantine restrictions from Spain.

Under grey skies a field of eight battled it out for the windmill trophy.  One new player was caught attempting to use his own putter and a proper golf ball but the rules official caught up with him just before the first tee.

The SkegVegas event was very tight and the field of eight produced some fine golf despite the threat of rain. 

SkegVegas King Put Crazy Golf competition

Ray ‘The General’ Porta stormed into an early lead before having a disastrous 7 on the Canon hole.  His chances were blown apart after a brush with a tree.  

As others faltered, Paul ‘Mr Organiser’ Griffin and Steve ‘Napoleon’ Daniels moved through the pack with both hitting holes in one at vital times.

It was neck and neck at the final hole between Mr Organiser and Napoleon.  But both made par 3’s on the last to finish tied first with total scores of 22 at a very impressive 5 under par.  

The committee decided it was not worth paying out another fee for extra holes and the chip shop over the road was calling. 

Mr Organiser did try to claim the title by ‘firing the cannon’ to win a free game pass for one player, but the committee were having none of it.

Despite protests from both players they finally agreed Napoleon would actually take the trophy home, but he has already booked a courier to send it over to Mr Organiser in six-months time.

SkegVegas King Put Crazy Golf competition

The event promoter, Ray ‘The General’ Porta, said: “It has been a disappointing year for top class sport, but we put on a show and everyone involved enjoyed a fabulous day. 

The crowd was a little disappointing but it was a dull Monday in September.  

Thanks to Rita, John & Simon at Nottingham Pet Crematorium for their sponsorship.  John was an inspiration behind the design of our magnificent trophy.  

We were going to use the event as a qualifier for the World Crazy Golf Championships which had been held every year since 2003 at the Adventure Golf Complex on the seafront at Hastings, East Sussex.  Unfortunately this year’s event was cancelled due to Covid and so we do not know where we can send our champions”.

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The Windmill Trophy

September 17, 2020

John, Rita & Simon with The Windmill Trophy

Nottingham Pet Crematorium are proud to sponsor this year’s SkegVegas King Put Crazy Golf championship.

The event is one of the few ‘major’ sporting events in the Midlands to survive the coronavirus pandemic – even the British Open Golf championship has been cancelled.

An International field of eight will battle it out for the magnificent Windmill Trophy at The Jolly Roger Adventure Golf links near the Clock Tower.

Watch out for a full report here soon.

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The Reflection Room

August 28, 2020

During lockdown we created our stunning new reflection room.  

This is a peaceful room just off the courtyard area where pet owners can take a moment and recall all those special times spent with their beloved pet.  

It is important to remember when someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure. 

The room is decorated in white to give a neutral space for your thoughts.  Music can be played if required or the room can simply be a quiet private area.  

The room also assists with our one way system and guarantees appropriate social distancing.  Under present government guidelines pet owners are required to wear a face mask when they are inside the crematorium buildings.  

We are happy to provide complimentary hand sanitiser and a face mask, if the owner does not have one.

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Tribute to NHS Key Workers

August 18, 2020

Owners Rita and John Harbury-Carlisle unveiled a new memorial wall dedicated to the NHS Key Workers who have battled against the Covid-19 pandemic this week.

NHS Memorial Wall at Nottingham Pet Crematorium

Pet owners can now leave a lasting tribute to their beloved pets on the walls around the crematorium courtyard.  The stunning area is a mass of beautiful, colourful hanging baskets and gives a place where pet owners can take a moment to reflect on their loss.

John and his wife Rita have been supporting the NHS staff at the Queen’s Medical Centre for several years by providing fans for cancer and geriatric care wards.  He said: “The staff are amazing people who give so much, they are so caring.  We now want to pay a lasting tribute to highlight the way they have helped everyone in recent months”

The dedication plaque states: “The NHS Memorial Wall – In honour of the NHS Key Workers who battled against the Covid-19 pandemic. You have our heartfelt thanks”.

Pet owners can now leave their own plaque in memory of their pet.  John said: “There is no charge for placing a plaque and hopefully the owners will have a place to remember their pet.  The courtyard area is an enclosed, peaceful space where visitors can take time to reflect and relax.”

Pet owners can provide their own plaques or obtain them directly from local firm, Marble Hart Ltd.  John added: “We hope this will help at a difficult time.  We are not asking for a fee because we want to create a fitting memorial to the fabulous efforts of the NHS.  We thought pet owners might also like this way to remember their friends and join the tribute to the Key Workers”

NHS Memorial Wall at Nottingham Pet Crematorium

This is just one of the updates that has taken place during the Coronavirus lockdown.  

The Crematorium is now open and running a modified service strictly by appointment only for pet owners.

Only one family will be allowed on the site at a time to maximise social distancing protocols.  Free masks, gloves and hand sanitisers are available on arrival with staff wearing the appropriate PPE.

A one-way system on the site has allowed all of the rooms to become available including the chapels of rest and farewell rooms.  There is also ample room in the courtyard and garden for anyone who would prefer to remain outside the building.

Owner Rita Harbury-Carlisle said: “It’s wonderful to be able to help people again, we did our best during the lockdown but we were simply not able to provide our usual service. We are getting there and hopefully we can get back to normal soon”.

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